I had always been what is known as a “yoyo dieter” I would decide to lose weight and join clubs such as slimming world or weight watchers, loose a bit of weight and then as soon as I gave up the diet, it all pilled back on again and more!


Turning 50 was a reality check for me, My size had escalated to its biggest ever to just over 13 stone, I was unfit and didn’t feel good about myself anymore. Each time I gained weight I would just buy bigger clothes to hide under.

I joined the gym just before my 50th birthday to try and get fit and loose a few pounds. I had joined gyms before but always lacked motivation or got bored, so decided to try a personal trainer. Loai wrote me a personal diet and exercise plan, and with his motivation and encouragement, the pounds started falling off, and my body started changing shape, to one that I liked, and no longer wanted to hide under “big” clothes.

Loai has taught me how to eat healthily and still loose weight. In a year I have shed 61 pounds and gone down 4 dress sizes to a petite size 8, something I never thought I would ever achieve. My body has also developed tone and muscle and feel 20 years younger and much fitter. I no longer dread those beach holidays where I would hide under a big hat and sunglasses, instead I am looking forward to wearing that bikini!


5 years ago I made the decision to change my lifestyle by going to the gym. For 3 and a half years I trained 3 or 4 times a week and was pleased with my progress, however, I fell into the trap of thinking swinging heavy weights around a few times a week would give me the body I wanted. My diet was never very clean – I would be out most weekends drinking alcohol and eating fast food.

Because I would have a protein shake after my workout I thought the rest of my diet was irrelevant. In 12 weeks Loai has turned my life around. He has taught me the importance of nutrition and a completely new way of training. Not only is Loai’s knowledge fantastic, but his passion to help me achieve my goal has been amazing. With Loai’s tailored diet and training programme’s, I’ve been able to lose 6inches around my stomach without losing muscle mass.

I will continue to train with Loai for many years and would recommend his services to everybody.


Yes, I have invested a lot of time & some money (let’s be realistic) in to this but I believe that to be good at something, you have to be motivated and focused on it because consistency and having patience is key. I am now the strongest, leanest, healthiest & most confident person I have ever been. Along the way, comments have been made about my commitment to fitness, even from those close to me but I have simply ignored them as I believe it is such a great & worthwhile use of my time.

I still have a long way to go but I am very happy with my progress so far & changing my lifestyle and mindset has been a challenge. Everyone is different and there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to getting the physique you want, you must find what works for you. I have had days, sometimes even weeks where motivation was low and I would deviate from my plan but Loai would be there for support and motivation.


Around 6 months ago, I paused for a second, I had finally realized that I needed to lose weight, not only for cosmetic reasons but for my health’s sake. I had hit a dead-end. I wasn’t too sure about what steps I should take towards
being the healthy person I desperately wanted to be. Through good word of mouth, I contacted Loai. He was extremely professional while we discussed my current situation and future goals. I was given a full food nutrition plan, which I was most definitely expected to stick to. It was very personalized, so it fits all of my requirements. We still monitor and review my food plan, on a regular basis. During the years, due to my busy routine, I haven’t been able to stick to any diets or healthy eating, as I regularly work very, very long nights.

Going on to the actual gym sessions. We started off slowly, and I soon began to make weekly improvements, which has led me to achieve one of my personal goals. All in all, I have managed to lose 3 stone in 3 Months.


The main reason I want to train was to learn how to lose some extra weight I couldn’t shift with cardio alone. Loai guided me not only with weight training routines but also with my diet. Before I started training I still wasn’t completely confident with my body but with Loai’s knowledge and support and my dedication, we transformed my body.

For the first time in my life I went on holiday and felt truly happy in a bikini… Even when I was sitting down! I was happy and confident and genuinely don’t believe I could have achieved what I did on my own.


When I approached the PT Ofce I was 3 and a half months away from my wedding. My dress made me feel uncomfortable and I hated having my picture taken so my big day was looming with some large negativity. Over the next 3 and a half months, I was very committed
and with the help of Loai, a structured nutritional program and some serious hard work, I dropped 2 dress sizes and a stone and a half! The dress that had been adjusted to ft my large bust had to be altered again and made smaller, and on my wedding day, I was able to hold my head high, pose for photos and feel comfortable in the spotlight.

Loai also spotted a natural ability in me to lift heavy which progressed into a passion for powerlifting, and now I have just qualified for National Level!

If I hadn’t met and worked with Loai, I think my life would be quite different right now! His influence is legendary. If you need a PT Loai is one of the best.


Early 2014 I realized that I hated how I felt, I was worn out most of the time and carrying several extra pounds that were starting to make my clothes look and feel pretty bad. I’d be asleep on the sofa straight after dinner and had no energy for anything once I got home from work. I decided that I had to snap out of it and take responsibility – but having had unsuccessful ‘let’s go to the gym’ ideas before I thought I’d see if using a PT would help me stay ‘at it’. My first session with Loai made me realize how unfit I was. Realising how bad I was nearly made me give up, there seemed no point.

Loai didn’t give up though, he coached and pushed me along – gently but firmly – knowing exactly what I needed to make gradual steps of progression. In 3 months I lost over 2 and half stone, but gained strength, built body definition and a new level of mental resilience that has helped support other aspects of my life.

I love my new shape and love the discipline that training with Loai has provided. He’s been the best investment in my own wellbeing I could have ever made.


I had almost achieved the body that I wanted but I felt my legs could be improved on. I wanted to enhance the muscle definition and increase my glute size. The sessions I had with Loai concentrated on developing these areas. Loai focused my mind, perfected my nutrition and showed me how hard I could push myself.

As a result, I made great gains but more importantly, I can take the knowledge he gave me to keep moving forward. Providing you are serious about wanting to change, I would recommend Loai as a trainer. He is dedicated and has extensive knowledge of nutrition.


Well this is my story!! Just under 6 months ago, my diet was terrible and I was a bit of a lost soul! After 6 weeks of training I had lost 21lbs and although it’s not all about the weight loss, it felt great to have lost that amount of weight which was a result of the PT sessions and meal plan.

What I considered so hard was actually quite easy when you put you mind to it and get yourself organized. We all have excuses of being “too busy” but it’s actually not that time consuming and the results are so worth the time and effort. All the way through this journey, Loai has been a great support and he is always available to answer any questions you have. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I would recommend this to anyone.

Thanks Loai!


Five months ago I walked in to the gym over weight, unhappy, tired and depressed. I had tried many time to loose weight but failed every time, my weight just kept on increasing after each attempt. Things had got so bad that I stopped attending social events every time I was invited out & I would make an excuse not to go, I even visited my GP to find out what was wrong with me why couldn’t I lose weight. Why was I so tired and sad all the time? the tests all came back normal so my GP decided on a prescription of antidepressants!

After a family holiday and being too embarrassed to take my children swimming I contacted Loai who assured me he would be able to help me even though my fitness level was not the greatest. We made a time for an induction and although I felt unsure and nervous my mind was soon put at ease. On my first session, it became apparent that I had a serious problem with mirrors just the thought of having to look at myself working out in the mirror made the panic rise, Loai realised how uncomfortable I was with my reflection and let me train with my back to the mirror, whilst pointing out itRead More


My weight has been going up for many years and after going over 16 stones last year, and rapidly approaching 50 years, I knew I had to do something about it. Too many years of eating and drinking whatever I wanted to, with too little exercise, had left me unhappy with the way I looked and unfit. I’d joined a gym about 10 years ago but I didn’t really know what I should be doing and unsurprisingly it didn’t work for me. But with my wife’s encouragement! I decided to try again.

Soon after joining I met Loai and he convinced me to try some personal training with him. From my previous gym experience, I was sceptical to begin with, but something made me decide to go for it. It was a great decision. Early on I could see that his knowledge of fitness training and his enthusiasm for helping his customers succeed was different and a lot better than the advice and help I’d been given previously.

The results started coming quickly. After 3 months of following his exercise and diet Read More








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