12 Weeks

TRANS-FORM is simply a quick fix that works for the long term. The secret here is in the smart approach to maximize the time and get you get in shape way faster than the traditional methods. The plan gets you in shape in just 12 weeks IF you are willing to put the work in both inside and outside the gym.

Unlike the traditional quick fixes, it is a sustainable method and doesn’t mess up your body’s metabolism and functioning. In fact, it helps correct a lot of issues in the body and sets you on a path to staying fit and lean.

The programme is divided into phases.

Phase 1

The Teaching Phase.

After submitting your assessment, we create a tailored workout for your goals. Performing your plan properly is crucial to your progress. This is why you will have 2 weeks of one2one sessions to teach you all you need to know to make the most out of every single workout. We will also test your intensity and set the pace for you during the next 12 weeks.   

This isn’t about giving you a little demo for each exercise. It’s about the small details that will make all the difference to your results. 

Phase 2

The Supervision Phase. 

After the teaching phase, you will have all the tools you need to get the job done. We will still be by your side though. We will be with you to help you stay on track and tweak things as we go along to make sure you achieve everything you can.

We will ask for you measurements every week and change and tweak your nutrition and exercise plan as we see fit so you get the maximum results you can from the programme. 

The goal here is to leave nothing to chance and ensure you are always pushing to hit the 100% mark. 

So what you have to look forward to!

  •  We will turn your body-image around in just 12 weeks.

  •  You will gain knowledge on nutrition and exercise and what works for you specifically.

  • You will realise how much more you can achieve with the right guidance and motivation.

  • A more efficient body, so you dont have to worry about piling on the pounds enjoying a night out or having fun on holiday.

  •  Becoming more confident in yourself and how you look in clothes.

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