Sue Kelly’s Transformation: How did we do it?

I have had many questions about Sue Kelly and how she achieved the fantastic transformation in her physique at the age of 50.

“Turning 50 was a reality check for me. My size had escalated to its biggest ever to just over 13 stone. I was unfit and didn’t feel good about myself anymore. Each time I gained weight I would just buy bigger clothes to hide under.”

It was getting to this point that finally led Sue Kelly to take a step and book for a normal gym session programme.

At first I didn’t know how important changing herself was to her. But it soon became apparent that she was extremely motivated and determined to make a big change and decided to see me twice a week to accelerate the process.
There are a number of factors involved to achieve such phenomenal results in weight loss and body composition (how your body looks) transformations. One of the most important, if not the most important factor, is YOU.

Follow the ABC rule:


You make all the difference.

The fact is, if Sue hadn’t taken on board everything I taught her with passion and determination and followed the programme exactly, her results would not have been as good. She might have made some progress but completely changing the way you look takes more than just cutting bad food and reducing your drinking.


It takes a lot of guts to walk into a gym and to be willing to face your fears especially when your confidence is low, when you are not happy with how you look, you will feel judged and the gym just seems to be filled with fit slim people. (It’s not!)

Having a trainer does make it easier as you will have someone there to support you but the first few times will be intimidating and difficult.
I know how hard that is and I have huge respect for anyone that makes the decision to face their fears and start making a change.
The reality is, if you can get past that initial fear and do what is necessary to change, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY LOOK AND FEEL IN A FEW MONTHS!!
I have seen it and made it happen so many times.
The bottom line is, you need to believe it is possible and if your motivation is big enough, it will push you change. You will change!


Here is the problem with majority of the gym goers. They start off really eager and excited for the change but then the motivation fades…..and then the diet and the training just becomes harder and less enjoyable. So gym attendances get less and the diet starts slipping…

The best way to make sure this won’t happen to you is to make regular progress. Seeing and feeling progress will keep you motivated and focused on your diet and training programme. One step at a time, seeing and feeling change each week, will keep you focused on your end goal.
Sometimes getting professional advice is a good idea if you stop making progress.

If Sue didn’t incorporate these important qualities and factors into her journey she wouldn’t have been as successful.
So if you have these qualities, the passion and do what is required, the good news is…you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible.


We started with nutrition. After an in-depth consultation I was able to work out the fastest and most efficient way for Sue to get to her desired weight.
Sue had insulin resistance issues which means she does not respond well to eating carbs, which is very common in the overweight population.
First we had to limit her carb intake to help reset her hormonal profile. However I am not a fan of low calorie diets long term as they result in negative adaption. This is where the body goes into survival mode and adapts to the lower calories, slowing the metabolism and effectively making it harder to lose weight. The eat less, exercise more, approach is not something I do with my clients.
Sue’s diet was protein and fats based diet which worked very well for her. (It’s important to mention that this will not work for everyone, people are different and a personalised diet is a key). Sue was also doing 2 resistance training sessions a week along with some cardio workout such as spinning and other High intensity classes.

You make all the difference.

The fantastic end result….. Is more than 4 stone lost on the scales.
in fact she has actually lost more than 5 ston

e of fat and gained over a stone of lean muscle as a result of the regular resistance training.(Muscle being heavier than fat)
You can see that in her thighs’ muscle definition plus a round solid bottom! If she had not done resistance training, she would have ended up looking flat and skinny. She didn’t just lose the weight she totally reshaped the way she looked.


I think the biggest lesson and the value you can take away from Sue’s story is knowing it is possible to achieve your goals.

The key is to be accountable, consistent and brave.


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