We focus on making your body more efficient so that you can lose and maintain.

By making your body burn more calories, you simply don’t have to go on a low-calorie diet to keep the weight off, allowing you to enjoy your journey.


Unlike other programmes, we don’t just give you just a generalised diet plan or a few recipes, we lay out a personalised plan that works with your individual needs and goals. And we show you how to cook it with our videos of complete recipes. We basically have it all covered for you, you simply just need to put it into action.


Without understanding how your body works in relation to food and what you can do about that, the chances of you creating long-lasting healthy habits will be very difficult. That is why we think education is crucial if you want to stay in good shape for life. We will educate you about your body, how it responds to food and what you should do to maximise your progress.


Fun, challenging and enjoyable but most of all it has to be results driven… This is where many programmes go wrong! We incorporate targeted exercises and weight training which is an amazingly effective way to get and stay in shape, in a room that is banging with awesome music and a buzz that is unreal.


The atmosphere in the class is all about being in it to win it. Re-shape is a family. Members become and stay friends, supporting each other along the way and even if you don’t feel up to it one evening, you will want to come just to see everyone or someone will give you the support you need to get you there. We hold regular social events which take things to another level.